By Ray F. Judson, JR-II

Hello everyone,

Here is the upper layer of the onion. All that is left is the paper husk (7 Of 7 The Summary) that stops it from drying out. Ha! It is basically a continuance of The Tell-a-tale, with some detail of how it will more than likely work in the real world. Than putting the whole thing together in order to show its simple beauty of how it makes the offensive security of our personal information and financial accounts.

(I will be using The Social Security Administration and The Social Security Number to explain The Joint. It can be just as well be any filing entity that file important identifiers.)

We all know that when it comes to personal identifiers (in The USA) that The Social Security Number is king. Right? So, it stands to reason that if you could notify The Social Security Administration (SSA) to what our intentions were with our Social Security Number. (Especially, when we are going to use it in a new application.) This would have a great potential for fortifying The Social Security Number’s security. And, will stop a whole lot of personal identity theft. By notifying The SSA that we were not intending to use our Social Security Number (not in use, status) or that we were going to use it (in use, status). Also, when we intend to use our Social Security Number we could notify The SSA to who/whom/what entity we were using it with. Also, what reason we were using it for and how long they are authorized to use and/or have it. Then authorized entities (retailers, banks, etc.) would be able to check our Social Security Number status. This will take all the guesswork out of; the is it you or is it someone trying to impersonate you.

But, in the real world there is a problem with all of this. It is called bureaucracy or red-tape. The SSA is so big and have so many rules that it is a massive behemoth. And, with such large governmental entities it can not be so simply changed and/or improved. This is where The Joint comes into play. The SSA will not have to change much. Because The Joint can be its own separate entity. Where the information owner can control their Social Security Number status. Any of the authorized entities could check our Social Security Number’s status. They can find out that our Social Security Numbers are not in use or in use, also when in use what Restrictions, if any (with whom or what business entity, etc. further including for what reason/how long, etc..

Okay now, with all of that explained, let’s coordinate it, all together. The Geym Cheynjer’s Joint will be a regulating hub. That will allow for banks, credit card companies, retailers, etc. (also The SSA itself) to check the status (not in use, in use) of our Social Security Number. This will greatly hinder the criminal from being able to open any type of accounts (mortgage, credit line, etc.).

Here is The Simple Beauty of it, that I mention at the start of the article.

For example, if a criminal tried to open up a store’s credit card or credit line. They will need your Social Security Number. Right? But, if your Social Security Number were in the not in, use status. They simply could not use it. And, if he tries. By filling out all of the paperwork and handing it to the customer service associate. Than she uploads all your stolen pertinence into her computer. So then, she will see that The Social Security Number that the criminal entered was not in use status. And when, he can not produce a Wuhn Yoos PIN (Pronounced: One Use PIN, from 3 Of 7), she will know that he is trying to impersonate you, and she will contact the authorities.

The Joint will sit in the center of a web like connections, so to speak, recording and reflecting our Social Security Number’s status setting to authorized entities. Now, by using The Joint any authorized entity can conveniently check who is and who is not authorized to check/look into/use our personal information via our Social Security Number. It would be very difficult, to use fraudulently the personal information of a person that is involved with the entities that participate in The Geym Cheynjer’s Joint, because: If a criminal tries to use your Social Security Number to open a bank account, get a credit card, get a loan via a mortgage, look into your medical record, or anything private, it would be crossed referenced with The Joint’s records of your Social Security Number status. Which can be either:, not in use/in use, and/or with Restriction: who/whom/business entity, etc.. If its default status were not in use. That alone would stop unauthorized usage. And, when you needed to use it, you can with a simple phone call to a secured phone service, visit to a secured website, and/or text to a secured texting service and turn it on, with all of the Geym Cheynjer’s Restrictions. And, if it is an emergency and you don’t have enough time or a phone, computer, etc. you can use your Wuhn Yoos PIN to gain excess to whatever is being protected by your identifiers, being protected(for the like of a better saying).

A little bit more about the authorized entities that can look into your Social Security Number’s status.

All authorized entities will have an identifying code and each of their employees will also. This will be done to identify who, when, and for what purpose our Social Security Number’s status was checked.

Also, to create a little more security, check and balance can be imposed. This will be achieved by making it mandatory to haven take two employees to log in their identifying codes in order to check our Social Security Number’s status.

One more doodad. A recent picture of The Social Security Number’s owner can be display on the monitor, along with The Social Security Number’s status results.

*Okay, one more thing and it is a question, for you to answer for yourself.

If the identity thief can not use a stolen, cloned, or lost debit/credit card or check and can not use your Social Security Number to swindle you out of your money and property, is he still an identity thief? *

The End.


7 Of 7 The Summary

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By Ray F. Judson, JR-II Hello everyone, Here is the upper layer of the onion. All that is left is the paper husk (7 Of 7 The Summary) that stops it from drying out. Ha! It is basically a continuance of The Tell-a-tale, with some detail of how it will more...