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None of us can avoid eating junk food from time to time. The problem is that whenever we are too tried to cook or have had a family emergency because life happens we turn to junk food. What if we had a better way. A way that could save us money and enable us to enjoy meals we have pre-cooked or pre-prepared and stored away safely in our own freezers. 50 Quick And Easy Freezer Recipes – How To Prepare Healthy Weekly Recipes For The Family by : Asher Scott shows you how you can with a little careful planning can come home to healthy meals that you yourself have prepared in advance.

Asher wrote thsi book because he strongly feels that freezer meals and the entire process have a ton of benefits for busy singles and families as well. It is tough finding recipes for one, but with freezer meals a large batch can be made, split into several portions, and frozen individually for quick, single-serve meals. It works the same way a frozen dinner from the supermarket works, but it’s more nutritious and fiscally responsible in the long run. For busy families, freezer meals ensure a hot, nutritious home cooked meal is on the table every night for the family to enjoy, no matter how many basketball games, soccer practices and dance recitals and other out of school activities are planned for your kids. We have all had the experience of afternoon business meetings running late and urgent work priorities that come up at short notice delaying us reaching home at our usual time.

Freezer meals are huge time savers. Asher truly believes that anyone who has ever tried to cook a meal during a busy weekday knows how long it takes. A meal can take over an hour to make, in some cases. While celebrity chefs would have the population believes it is possible to throw together a gourmet meal in just 30 minutes flat that simply isn’t the case most of the time. But, a freezer meal allows for a perfectly nutritious meal to be prepared during a busy week in mere minutes, with almost no effort. All one has to do is pull the meal out of the freezer, allow it to thaw and pop it in the oven. Nothing could be a bigger time saver.

Freezer meals are also economical. You can buy food in bulk and make huge batches of food that can be frozen for later. Switching to freezer meals can save you thousands each year in grocery bills. Many people find that their bulk club memberships can finally be put to good use by adopting this way of cooking.

Freezer cooking can also ensure good health and help people lose weight. If you know that you are going to have a few busy days coming up, then knowing you have your own ready made meals in the freezer will take off some of the stress of coming home to cook. You will wonder why you did not discover healthy recipes like the ones Asher has devised sooner.. Eating in is directly related to healthy weights, so eating at home can help you shed extra pounds and get healthier.

Freezer meals do require some preparation, but most practitioners of freezer cooking, or freezer meals, agree that once they get rolling, preparation is even, and, in some cases, can even be fun. In order to get started, one has to plan meals ahead of time.

A marathon cooking session might not seem like great fun, but it is the best way to get freezer meals done and packed away. Cooking on a Sunday is what most people find preferable, after all, it is the day when most people have completely free to get their cooking done, anyway. Take an evening out or a Sunday afternoon to cook.

The amount of time you’ll save during the week, and the money you’ll save as well will be completely and utterly worth it, in the long run.

Pack food in usable quantities and label all packages clearly. You can use any-type of freezer safe packaging you like, but be sure to label it. Most agree that a bit of masking tape and a sharpie marker pen is the perfect way to label containers that will be used and reused for several marathon cooking sessions. Freezer bags come in a variety of sizes and are ideal to store your meals in, you simply write the name of your meal right on them. If you organize your freezer box, so that you can easily access the meals you plan to eat for the whole week in a section, so that it is easier to rotate the foods you have stored in the freezer. Adding a date you plan to eat it is helpful.

Asher Scott’s book on Freezer will have you eating healthier in less than a week. Having a little junk food from time to time is not bad thing at all, but it cannot become a routine. With so many of us facing hectic work schedules no wonder many of us can be a bit challenged to prepare a healthy meal after a long day of work. “50 Quick And Easy Freezer Recipes” is a great option for that family that is always on the go.

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Copyright © 2014 Louise A Costas None of us can avoid eating junk food from time to time. The problem is that whenever we are too tried to cook or have had a family emergency because life happens we turn to junk food. What if we...